Holistic Planning Process

Retire With Confidence

Holistic planning process helps avoid critical gaps, tax inefficiencies, overexposure to risk, unintended consequences and more through The Bucket Plan Holistic Planning Process. With this step-by-step process we provide a holistic planning approach that incorporates investments, insurance, tax, estate, Social Security, retirement income and healthcare planning into one comprehensive plan.

At The Lynch Financial Group, it is our mission to help to help you integrate all of you hard-earned assets to work collectively toward you goals, while reducing critical inefficiencies including gaps in your plan, overlap or overexposure in investments, tax inefficiencies & missed savings, missing or outdated legal documents, failure to identify and reach pre and post retirement income goals, and misaligned strategies among professionals. 


"We are very satisfied with the services of the Lynch Financial Group and would not feel as comfortable anywhere else."

-Mike and Maryellen G 1/2/23

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Benefits of the Bucket Plan Approach

Expert Coordination

Ensures all services (areas) are coordinated and working together in synch with each in your financial and retirement planning

Diversifying Investment Goals

Time-segment investments to achieve immediate, short-, and long-term goals

Reliable Income Streams

Create a reliable income stream through retirement for yourself and your family

Easily Understood Planning

Deliver a retirement plan you can actually understand that's customized for you and your unique situation

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What is the Bucket Plan Philosophy?

The Bucket Plan® Philosophy is a strategic, structured approach to bucketing assets for today’s financial dangers and challenges. Today market risk, interest rate risk and sequence of returns risk are the three biggest dangers facing investors at or near retirement, and a more sophisticated planning philosophy is essential to stretch retirement dollars to cover needs throughout the duration of retirement.

For this purpose, The Bucket Plan® philosophy was developed to segment money into three different buckets based on your investment time horizon, volatility tolerance and income needs.

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