Tax Management

Red Bank NJ Tax Management

Our specialty has always been about helping our client’s reach their financial goals. In working primarily with the lucky middle-class, the most important (and the most overlooked) area is Tax Management and navigation of changes to current tax law (Legislative Risk).

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning are part of Tax Management but tend to focus on the current tax year rules and financial situation of a client. Tax Management is a lifetime discipline that has the most direct impact on retirement success. Tax laws will change in the future! The ability to properly interpret and navigate tax changes & updates for our clients is the largest and most powerful benefit of working with our firm.

Don't Let Unnecessary High Tax Bills Derail Your Retirement Plans

We stay up to date on all of the latest tax code changes and regulations so that you don’t have to! Let us provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve. Reach out now to learn more 

Our Tax Management Philosophy

“GROW Your Money – KEEP Your Money – LEAVE Your Money”. For the lucky middle class, the most important of these disciplines is to KEEP Your Money. Once the Keep is solved, it becomes very easy to figure out the best ways to Grow and Leave your monies. Most firms focus strictly on GROW and completely miss the most important piece of a successful retirement puzzle.

Our expertise in tax planning in addition to our investment management guidance is how we can offer you the comprehensive planning that you deserve for your overall retirement goals. Tax planning and distribution of your retirement nest egg can lead to unnecessarily large tax burdens – don’t fall victim to this common pitfall, reach out now to learn more how we can help you!

Not All Assets Are Taxed the Same in Retirement

Not sure if you’re going to overpay your taxes when you withdraw all of your hard-earned retirement savings? Click the below link to calculate if you’ll be overpaying for taxes in retirement with our simple tax calculator

Our Solutions to Tax and Retirement Risks

Market Risk Solutions

  • Growth potential and protection for your investments
  • Balance growth and stability without assuming excessive risk to your portfolio 
  • AUM investment management

Income Risk Solutions

  • Accumulating funds so you can enjoy income to support the retirement lifestyle you desire
  • Guaranteed income 
  • Help maximize the amount of income you can access in retirement
  • Insurance concepts/solutions such as annuities

Tax Risk Solutions

  • Make informed decisions about tax status of retirement assets, and consider tax diversification within retirement income strategy
  • Determine optimal time to pay taxes on retirement assets
  • May be grossly overstating your assets available for retirement (what is the real value of your retirement savings 401k/IRA account?)

Legislative Risk Solutions

  • Stay up to date on the latest legislative trends going on in the US 
  • Stress test your retirement and tax management strategies to ensure that you’re prepared for tax increases, additional US spending, inflation, etc 
  • Work with a firm that’s up to date on the latest tax code changes such as the Lynch Financial Group

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